3 comments on “Top Your Basics – The Boyfriend Blazer

  1. Yup! I need me a new blazer! What do you recommend in a plus size and perhaps also in a more casual style as well as a dressier style?


    • Target has awesome “business wear” options in plus size for a updated blazer (well mine does, hopefully one close to you does as well). You really only need one, it is up to you to dress it down (over a plain tee and worn with flats for example) or dress it up (with a statement necklace and a heel). You will want to find a blazer that floats over your curves, nothing too big or too tight. A single breasted jacket will be the most flattering and less detail is more. Keep it simple. This is a great option available online at Target (call store to see about in-store options). I love the cute little neck slits to draw attention to your face and the vertical seams that help elongate your physique. There are no obtrusive zippers or buttons, it is simple and clean. Before committing make sure to try the item on, you want the hem to hit at your smallest part and no extra bulk anywhere which sometimes happens when jackets are more bulky in shape. Remember, a tailor is cheap and can take ill fitted pieces and fit them to you (say if the blazer hits perfectly but the sleeves are too long)!



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